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Here is a summary page of all that can be done on Activity Academy!

Game modes

Activity Academy provides you with 3 play modes that can be used in all relevant activity types that let you determine who you play with.

The game mode can be changed directly through the relevant activity pages.

Public mode

Everyone is invited to take part in the activities by respecting a certain code of conduct. This is the default mode and also the easiest to learn.

Team mode

Play in a group with your friends and relatives. Adapted rules are determined by the creator of the group making it possible to determine the operation of the turns (free turns, in turns and equal participations).

Private mode

Play privately on one device, perfect for practice or for a gathering around a table. In this mode, all participation restrictions are lifted and optimized in order to be able to play in a burst.

Additional features

Many features have been implemented on the site to make your experience more fun.


The Avacat is an original way of representing yourself to other participants on the website. Have fun customizing yours.

Customise  my Avacat


A voting system has been put in place in order to be able to more easily distinguish good quality designs. To vote, click on the heart near a drawing.

Top rated artworks


Carry out the quests offered to you on an ad hoc basis in order to obtain levels and credits that can be exchanged for cosmetics for your avacat.

Show my quests

Other pages and features