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Activity Academy is a multitude of creative drawing games that can be played in all kinds of ways.

Social Games

Combine your talents, create collaborative drawings, stories or even play on the phone and all that, at your own pace.

Party Mode

Our party mode allows you to play in real time with your friends without downtime whether you and your friends are slow or fast.

Relaxation and Creativity

Test yourself with fun creative challenges or relax with our extensive set of do it yourself games.


Simply discover original content made by other users and vote for your favorite designs.

What's this ?

Whether you know how to draw or not, Activity Academy is above all a site where you can have fun with creative games such as the hilarious and classic "phone game" but with drawings or even "drawing continues" having the power to generate very original and always amazing drawings, even if the participants do not know how to draw.

You can of course create playgroups and invite your friends just as you can indulge yourself in the public parties. For the more solitary, other types of equally interesting activities have also been set up for you.

Without further ado, get started!

Discover original artworks

Discover the talents of other players, vote for your favorite designs and take a look at the most popular activity pages. There are many possibilities to create while having fun in our original games.

Top rated artworks

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